Why Us

After years of development, Heheng products have made it through the initial introduction phase and subsequently grow into maturity. Now, Heheng Company has what it takes to do batch production, which can greatly shorten the order-to-delivery time.

By utilizing advanced production equipment, products can be machined more precisely, with higher efficiency. All the manufacturing processes, from blanking to assembly, are completed at our own workshop by our technical specialists. This saves the cost of production which otherwise would be outsourced to a third company. With all these advantages, Heheng product has attracted positive attentions from and been highly praised by various customers and societies.

Nearly two decades of production experience allows us to overcome any challenges facing concrete pump parts buyers, which may arise prior to, during, and after a purchase. That is why many famous concrete pump manufacturers at home and abroad choose to rely on us for concrete pump parts solutions. Our fully-featured service encompasses product research and development, manufacture, and after-sales service.

Many years has passed since our product was first launched in 1995. Through more than a decade of development, our sale stabilizes and our product becomes mature. Multiple sets of equipment make batch production a possibility. All these factors have contributed to a shortened delivery time.

A strict ISO9001:2008 quality management system is implemented within our organization. All the processes are closely regulated under this system, from product research and development, through design, raw material purchase, manufacture, and marketing, to after-sales service. Meanwhile, three process inspection systems are operative at the same time. They are self-check, check at workshop, and check prior to leaving factory. Strict quality management and inspection systems ensure the high quality of our processes and products.

At Heheng, management concept and method are continuously updated. The 6S workplace organization method, which is derived from the 5S version, is adopted to offer production guidelines and help decrease production cost. There are five primary phases and one additional phase involved in the 6S. They are sorting, straightening, systematic cleaning, standardize, service and safety. Heheng Company also provides every employee with training concerned with quality, process, material handling, and site management. Held on a regular basis, those training courses are necessary to maximize their skills and improve the level of customer service.