Maintenance and Repair
S-Tube Valve Adjustment and Consumable Parts Replacement

The S-tube valve has a big role to play in the concrete pumping system. Adjusting the S-tube valve has become the number one priority at the start of each shift of concrete pumping work. Following is an introduction to the adjustment of S-tube valve and replacement of other consumable parts.

Common Causes of Pilot-Operated Relief Valve Failure

The pilot-operated relief valve is another noteworthy component in the concrete pumping system. It looks so small that users are easily to be fooled into thinking it is unimportant. However, the improper functioning of the relief valve often leads to big problems, such as sharp noise, severe vibration, or in extreme cases, the pump failure.

Concrete Pump Parts User Guide

When you watch the concrete pump work, it is easy to notice that when much of the mortar has been pumped into the cylinder, there is still a considerable amount of aggregates left in the hopper. At this point, you should remove some of the aggregates from the hopper and add some mortar into it for repeated mixing.

Concrete Pump Parts Maintenance

A concrete pump is comprised of the hydraulic pumping system, electrical drive system, and concrete mixing system. Each system can be further divided into various smaller sub-systems. The hydraulic system, for example, consists of the pumping oil system, mixing oil system, and lubricating system. The electrical system includes the dynamic control system ...