Research and Development

Over the years, innovation has never stopped witin Heheng Company. In quick succession, we have independently developed a series of wear-resistant tungsten steel. The material is widely applicable in the concrete pumping industry. Using tungsten steel as filler metals solves the pore problem that may arise in the process of bead welding, which was often faced by previous welders when they used tungsten carbide as the welding rod. Pores in the welding joint are often a major cause to the breakage of spectacle wear plate and wear ring. Eliminating pores can double the use life of those workpiece.

Heheng Company also devises a novel form of S-tube valve that is completely produced as a one-piece stamping. Constructing a one-piece valve takes up far less time than is otherwise needed to assemble the separate valve parts through the complicated, time-consuming welding process. Also, most problems with the valve including pores and cracks arise at the welding joint. Hence, one-piece construction also ensures there are no weak points, and resistance to wear and impact as well as the operating safety under a pressure as high as 20MP is greatly improved. So far, the company has been granted 6 utility model patents for the invention of the spectacle wear plate and wear ring, and another 5 utility model patents for the S-tube valve. Many other innovations are still ahead.