Service and Support

Before Purchase
Depending on customer specific requirements, we can make a product sample for an additional charge. After that, we will ship the sample to the customer. The customer will be responsible for the shipping fee.

During Purchase
Sales service is carried out strictly according to the technical agreement signed by both parties. If you find any problems with our consumable parts that are caused by non-human factors, we can replace the parts free of charge. The product will be delivered on the same date as is required in the agreement.

After Purchase
The after-sale service will also be performed in accordance with the requirements specified on the technical agreement. During the warranty period, if you find any problems with the product that are caused by non-human factors, we will replace the part for you free of charge.

Special Service
We can customize the spectacle wear plate, wear ring, and S-tube valve, according to the technical drawing provided by the customer.