Company History

1. Heheng's business dates back to 1995 when the company began to commit itself to the research, development, and production of tungsten steel circular knives.

2. After looking into the emerging market of pumping system components in 2001, Heheng Company shifted its focus to the research and development of tungsten steel that can be used to make concrete pump parts. Up to 2004, a total of 4 kinds of tungsten steel had been developed for making spectacle wear plate, wear ring, and S-tube valve.

3. Between 2004 and 2008, the company accumulated plenty of experience in the concrete pump aftermarket by providing customers with pump parts replacement services.

4. In 2008, Heheng Company started to supply the spectacle wear plate and wear ring to Zoomlion Company. Since then, Heheng has become a long-term supplier for Zoomlion. In the same year, Zoomlion Company merged CIFA, the third largest Italian concrete machinery manufacturer.

5. A year after that, Heheng became the supplier of S-tube valve assembly, wear ring, and spectacle wear plate for Shanghai Hold Heavy Industry Company.

6. As service capacity within Heheng kept increasing, the company became a supplier for Shantui Construction Machinery Company in 2010.

7. Via the factory expansion, addition of new equipment, and adoption of “6S” workplace organization method in 2011, we increased our production capacity to 150 sets of tools per day from the original 50 sets per day.

8. As its market share kept increasing in 2012, Heheng attracted more clients to its business, including XGCM, CIMC, and Putzmeister. In the same year, the company made a major breakthrough in pumping system technology. This technological advancement opened up an opportunity to collaborate closely with Fotonloxa Company by supplying hoppers, water tanks, concrete delivery cylinders, oil cylinders, and S-tube valves. Heheng, was thereafter recognized as the qualified supplier for Foton Loxa Company at end of 2012.