Concrete Pump Parts Maintenance

A concrete pump is comprised of the hydraulic pumping system, electrical drive system, and concrete mixing system. Each system can be further divided into various smaller sub-systems. The hydraulic system, for example, consists of the pumping oil system, mixing oil system, and lubricating system. The electrical system includes the dynamic control system, electrical enclosure, and wired remote control. The pump parts, however, are the minimum units that constitute a system.

Pump parts are to pumping systems as muscles or organs are to human body. A human body consists of 8 systems. Each system can be subdivided into many different organs. A concrete pump is just like a man. It is made up of several systems, which can be further divided into different parts.

To ensure proper care for the organs, a human must eat food, do exercise and remove poison from the body. Likewise, pump parts require necessary daily maintenance and service. Even when the pump stays unused, users still need to check the operating condition of various parts so as to ensure there is no problem arising during the next time of operation.

Knowledge knows no boundaries. What is used in health preservation can also be applied to the maintenance of concrete pump parts.