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    1. Steel Concrete Pump Wear Plate, Steel Concrete Pump Cutting RingThe wear ring is often pressed against the wear plate. Its opening should be in alignment with one of the two openings of the plate. This allows the concrete coming from the outlet end of pumping cylinder to pass through the S-tube valve while a tight seal between the ring and plate can be formed.
    1. Concrete Pump S-Tube ValveDuring operation, the fast-flowing concrete mixture pushes the wear plate closely against the wear ring, forming a tight seal. The opening of the S-tube valve is in alignment with the opening of the wear plate to allow the concrete coming from the outlet end of the pumping cylinder to pass the wear ring and S-shaped tube smoothly without any blockage.
    1. Concrete Pump Main CylinderVia the alternate pushing and pulling motion of the rod in the drive cylinder, the hydraulic pressure provided by the drive is converted to the mechanical force that acts on the piston of the concrete pumping cylinder. During this cycle of operation, the concrete is pumped through the S-tube valve and the discharge conduit onto the pouring site.
    1. Concrete Pump Delivery CylinderDue to long-time exposure to the concrete and water, the inner wall of the delivery cylinder is often subject to intense abrasion and corrosion. That is why we have to apply a layer of chrome over the internal surface of cylinder, to enhance its resistance to abrasion and corrosion.
    1. Concrete Pump HopperWithin the hopper, two activities take place: concrete mixing and transferring. Concrete particles are evenly mixed by the mixing vanes. Then the properly-mixed concrete is drawn into the pumping cylinder from the hopper before being pumped out to the discharge conduit via the S-tube valve. The power for concrete drawing and pumping motion is given by the hydraulic cylinder.
    1. Concrete Pump Water TankOn its top is a cover plate. Open the cover plate, user can clean out the tank as well as observe the water level in it. The water tank is machined by using NC boring machine to ensure the linearity and dimensional accuracy of the internal chamber. In our company, we provide a variety of standard tank models, along with custom options.
    1. Tungsten Steel Circular KnifeOur knife offers outstanding performance unmatched by any of its major rivals especially in the drive belt cutting application. Experiments show that a traditional circular knife only can cut 362 belts in its lifetime while Heheng knife has a nearly doubled use life as it can cut 516 pieces of belts.
    1. Tungsten Steel StripGiven the high-speed impact involved in the rock breaking process, the rotor tip must be hard enough to withstand the impact caused by collision, while at the same time it should have enhanced abrasion-resistance. According to the kind of rocks to be destructed, users should choose a suitable type of tungsten steel to make the rotor tip.

Now in its second decade of operation, Heheng Metallurgy Machinery Company continues to be responsible for the research, development, and manufacture of concrete pump parts, vertical shaft impactor parts, and concrete mixer parts. Our range of products includes, but is not limited to:

1. Concrete pump wear plate and wear ring
2. Concrete pump S-tube valve
3. Concrete pump hopper
4. Concrete pump water tank
5. Concrete pump main cylinder
6. Concrete pump delivery cylinder
7 Tungsten steel circular knife
8. Tungsten steel strip