1. Tungsten Steel Circular KnifeOur knife offers outstanding performance unmatched by any of its major rivals especially in the drive belt cutting application. Experiments show that a traditional circular knife only can cut 362 belts in its lifetime while Heheng knife has a nearly doubled use life as it can cut 516 pieces of belts.
    1. Tungsten Steel StripGiven the high-speed impact involved in the rock breaking process, the rotor tip must be hard enough to withstand the impact caused by collision, while at the same time it should have enhanced abrasion-resistance. According to the kind of rocks to be destructed, users should choose a suitable type of tungsten steel to make the rotor tip.

Tungsten Steel Product

The tungsten steel product is a steel product that contains tungsten. Tungsten steel is made of at least two materials. One material is the micron-sized tungsten carbide particle, which acts as the aggregate. The other material can be cobalt, nickel, or molybdenum metal binder that serves as the matrix.

The process of combining carbide particles with the binder is called sintering, and it is carried out in the vacuum furnace. The resulting tungsten steel belongs to a power metallurgy product. Our tungsten steel product can be categorized into two types. One is used for making circular knives. The other type comes in a long, narrow piece, usually referred to as tungsten steel strip.

1. The Heheng circular knife is mainly used to cut industrial belts for power transmission. It comes with an abrasion-resistant, sharp blade. Its surface is highly polished to give a smooth finish. This series of knife is suitable for cutting stretched belt without inflicting burrs or causing rubber to stick to the blade. It has a use life 20 to 50 times as long as ordinary alloy tools, requires limited blade grinding and replacement, and helps improve productivity.
2. Heheng tungsten steel strip gives high red-hardness, great rigidity, good abrasion-resistance, strong compressive strength, and stable chemical properties. It is most often used on the vertical shaft impactor. Using tungsten steel strip to make bridge-type irregularly-shaped rotor tip of the vertical shaft impactor has changed the way people think about what kind of shapes a tip plate should have. It not only improves the use life of the plate, but also reduces the use of raw material to make such a plate.
3. Customized tungsten steel products are available, too.

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