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Concrete Pump Delivery Cylinder

The concrete pump delivery cylinder, or concrete pumping cylinder has a big role to play in the pumping system. All the concrete transportation activities start from here.

There are two pumping cylinders installed outside the hopper. The outlet end of the cylinder is connected to the opening of the wear plate. The wear plate is mounted on the rear wall of the concrete pump hopper.

As the piston in the pumping cylinder retracts away from the hopper, the concrete will be drawn into the cylinder. When the S-tube valve inside the hopper swings down and its opening aligns with that of the cylinder, the piston moves towards the hopper to pump the concrete through the valve to the discharge conduit. During this cycle of operation, the power for the pumping and retracting motion is given by the hydraulic cylinder.

Due to long-time exposure to the concrete and water, the inner wall of the delivery cylinder is often subject to intense abrasion and corrosion. That is why we have to apply a layer of chrome over the internal surface of cylinder, to enhance its resistance to abrasion and corrosion. In fact, there are three factors that can almost determine the use life the cylinder. They are the dimensional accuracy, hardness of chrome plating, and uniformity of the chrome plating.

1. The borehole in the delivery cylinder is drilled by using special techniques to ensure its linearity and dimensional accuracy.
2. German chrome-plating process is utilized in an automatic manufacturing flow line. All the equipment, plating bath and additives involved in the process are on a par with international advanced standard.
3. The chrome layer forms a strong bond to the inner wall of the delivery cylinder. It is not easy to peel off. The chrome layer also has high hardness and uniformity.

Thickness of Chrome Layer 0.2mm~0.3mm
Rigidity of Chrome Layer >HV900
Roughness of Inner Hole Surface
Linearity of Inner Hole 0.02/1000mm
Specification Diameter of Cylinder: φ100mm~φ360mm
Length According to the customer’s requirement

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