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Concrete Pump Main Cylinder

The concrete pump main cylinder, also referred to as the hydraulic drive cylinder, is often used in combination with the concrete pumping cylinder. Via the alternate pushing and pulling motion of the rod in the drive cylinder, the hydraulic pressure provided by the drive is converted to the mechanical force that acts on the piston of the concrete pumping cylinder. During this cycle of operation, the concrete is pumped through the S-tube valve and the discharge conduit onto the pouring site.

The front end of the main cylinder is connected to the pumping cylinder by using flanges that are bolted together.

1. Depending on the specification of the concrete pump, our concrete pump main cylinder can be equipped with buffer at both ends. The buffer tube is comprised of Parker fittings and the Stauff two-way valve. It is connected to the end of the cylinder by using the compression nut and compression ring.
2. Different models of cylinders offer choices of diameters, either 130 or 160, and strokes, 1900, 2000, or 2100. All these cylinders come with 90mm diameter rods.
3. The sealing element of the cylinder is of Parker brand or Merker brand.
4. The cylinder can be customized.

S-tube Swing Cylinder
1. Suitable for use in the concrete pumping system where it is operated to swing the S-tube valve into alignment with the outlet end of the concrete pumping cylinder.
2. The cylinder can be equipped with buffer tubes at both ends.
3. Cylinder diameter: 100mm
4. Rod diameter: 70
5. Stroke: 200mm
6. Mounting distance: 432
7. Test pressure: 24MPa
8. Sealing element: Parker seal
9. The cylinder comes with ball joints at both ends. The spherical size of the joint is 34mm.

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