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Concrete Pump S-Tube Valve

The concrete pump S-tube valve is a crucial component in the pumping system. It is used in combination with the wear plate and wear ring. The valve is pivotably mounted inside a concrete hopper. It alternately connects one of two outlet ends of the pumping cylinders to the inlet end of the discharge conduit which was mounted on the front wall of the hopper.

1. The wear ring is mounted in the opening of the S-shaped tube valve. During operation, the fast-flowing concrete mixture pushes the wear plate closely against the wear ring, forming a tight seal. The opening of the S-tube valve is in alignment with the opening of the wear plate to allow the concrete coming from the outlet end of the pumping cylinder to pass the wear ring and S-shaped tube smoothly without any blockage.
2. The S-tube valve is constructed of the plate, flanges, and splined shafts that have been joined together through welding. The splined shaft is made of 38CrMoAL. 38CrMoAL material has become a preferred choice of many manufacturers in making the S-shaped tube. Various long and short chrome-plated shaft sleeves are also available. They are made of 45# seamless carbon steel tube, with the chrome plating thickness between 0.12mm and 0.16mm. The inner hole of the s-shaped tube valve is welded up by using wear-resistant welding electrode.
3. Customized S-shaped tube valve is also available.

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